And he's about Bishoping and stuff now, apparently.

And we’re back!

CFvol2cover300My two-week BABY HIATUS is done (those of you with kids can confirm that this parenthood thing is pretty much smooth sailing after the first 14 days, right?), and Conspiracy Friends is FULL STEAM AHEAD. I think I’ve more or less settled into a work routine that will keep me above water on this daily comic thing. Which is good because SHIT IS GETTING REAL FOR OUR HEROES, MAN.

Oh, also! Thanks to all the RAD, AMAZING PEOPLE who backed our CF Book Two kickstarter, the second collected volume is now available for general sale. You can buy autographed copies of the paperback directly from me, or pay what you want for the PDF. It includes an exclusive 5-page story detailing Steve’s first encounter with Robot Dick Cheney, so you KIND OF NEED IT.