The only parts I got wrong were direction, velocity and likelihood of survival.

Hello new Emerald City and Norwescon friends!

Emerald City Comic Con and Norwescon are probably my two biggest conventions every year, and since I just did them back to back, I met a metric ton of lovely folks over the past few weeks. Hi everyone! If you’re up to it, take a minute to say hi in the comments for the current comic, because when people I meet at conventions actually start reading my comic it BLOWS MY MIND AND FILLS MY HEART WITH JOY.

If you picked up Conspiracy Friends Book One and want to continue reading where it leaves off, go here! If you have both books and want to continue with the current storyline, it’s yonder. If you just grabbed a card or whatever and want to start at the beginning, that is also a thing.

If you feel like you need a copy of whichever books you don’t have, or one of my epic choose-your-own-ending novels, go here. Those 5×7 mini prints I had at the table will be up in the store soon, along with 11×17 posters of each design. So that’s pretty rad. Now you’ll have to excuse me while I deal with a double dose of post-con haze and try to rebuild my comic buffer. See you at the next one!