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On the radio (oh-oh)

radioUPDATE: You can listen to the interview from the KIRO archives here!

I’ll be on KIRO radio at 2pm and 6pm today (that’s Seattle time, and 93.7 on Seattle airwaves, although you can also listen to it live on the web). It turns out my neighbor Sean is a producer on the Ron and Don show, and on the weekends, during the “best of Ron and Don” recaps, he slips in some original content. Today, that original content is ME.

We did the interview on Friday, and talked a lot about Choose Your Own Adventures and Conspiracy Friends. I remember when he asked me how I got into doing comics, for some reason I told a really long story going back to high school? I should have maybe started that one a little closer to the present? Anyway, if I get any kind of permanent web link I’ll drop it here, until then, plan on sitting in your car and listening to the radio at 2!