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Thanks you guys

As of today (or technically as of last Wednesday, I guess) Conspiracy Friends is on indefinite hiatus. When I started the comic almost three years ago, I was writing full-time, and kicking out a comic strip every morning was the perfect way to get my creative juices flowing. Alas, now that my main job is taking care of an infant human child, the comic is taking up pretty much all of my precious work time. I had hoped that by cutting CF back to 3 days a week I could find a balance, but the harsh reality is that right now I need to put my efforts into projects that generate regular income (turns out babies gotta eat!).

I know it sounds corny, but producing a daily comic has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, and I’m absurdly proud of how Conspiracy Friends has come along. I can’t even tell you how much it means to me that you all got a kick out of it too.

And rest assured: I still have loose outlines for like five more books, so whenever my life gets to a stage when it makes sense to start doing this again, all the reptilian shapeshifters, robot duplicates, and Lady Gaga clones in the world won’t be able to stop me.

Thanks for your generosity, support, and most of all, just for reading.


Happy Yuletide, everyone!

bookofmattOh. My. GOD. For Yuletide, some ANONYMOUS MAGICIAN sent me an alternate universe Conspiracy Friends fanfic remix comic which is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER GOTTEN FOR CHRISTMAS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. And the best part is, you can have it too!!!

Inspired by the fact that when Tim and Robotim stand next to each other they really, really, look like a couple of Mormon missionaries, what this story presupposes is… what if they were? And what if they tried to convert Wendigo Penelope? As the official authoriy on Conspiracy Friends canon, I can assure you that this is EXACTLY HOW IT WOULD GO DOWN.

To my Christmas-loving readers, have a merry one. And regardless of holiday preference or participation, enjoy! GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE

Conspiracy Friends now updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday

So don’t be coming by on Tuesdays and Thursdays and bein’ all like “Where’s my new comic at.” You have to wait an extra day while I work on stuff that puts food on my infant child’s table. Sorry!

IN OTHER NEWS: Wooooooo, crowdfunding! The Conspiracy Friends Vol. 3 Kickstarter is funded twice over, which means we get to do an exclusive hardcover just for Kickstarter backers ๐Ÿ™‚ So what I’m saying is, if you want that sweet casebound son of a bitch, GET ON THAT SHIT (you can order copies of the first two books through the kickstarter as well if you still need those).

Hardcover unlocked!

We did it! Less than three days in, and the Conspiracy Friends Vol. 3 Kickstarter is funded twice over, which means we get to do an exclusive hardcover just for Kickstarter backers ๐Ÿ™‚ So what I’m saying is, if you want that sweet casebound son of a bitch, GET ON THAT SHIT (you can order copies of the first two books through the kickstarter as well if you still need those).

Today’s guest comic is by Kormantic, who is the number one commenter on this site, as well as being A PERSON WHO IS MARRIED TO ME. She had her own VERY STRONG opinions about what was in that box OTHER THAN LEPRECHAUNS, and this freeform psychobilly collage freakout explores them. Is it possible that this whole comic has just been a Matrix Inception inside RoboTim’s robot brain? YES, THAT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE. Anyway, if you want to read a hilarious and charming Bob’s Burgers story Kormantic wrote, go here!

Aaaaaalmost there!

Yesterday we rocketed right past our official funding level for the Book Three Kickstarter, blew past the first stretch goal, and DAMN NEAR hit the second and final stretch goal, which guarantees a hardcover edition! Thank you to everyone who’s backed so far, and extra super megathanks to our MYSTERIOUS AUSTRALIAN BENEFACTOR (a real person, I swear to god), who not only pledged at the absurd $200 “we’ll include your favorite conspiracy in an upcoming plotline” level, but also โ€” ALSO! โ€” offered top match every pledge between funding and the second stretch goal to make sure we get that hardcover.

Get ready for some SERIOUS AUSTRALIAN CONSPIRACY STUFF in the near future, is what I’m saying here.

IN OTHER NEWS: Today’s guest comic is from John โ€œThe Gneechโ€ Robey from The Suburban Jungle! I stacked it 3 panels high instead of running it the regular way because Conspiracy Friends normally utilizes a weirdly huge font, and regular sized text it kind of hard to read at the width my page design allows for three panels. Also, I wanted you to have to scroll for that panel three reveal… DUN-DUN-DUNNN!!!

More Guest week! Kickstarter WOOOOO

The kickstarter for Book Three is cruising right along — 63% backed as we typed this up last night! Hopefully we’ll get the project backed over the next couple of days and maintain enough momentum to hit the stretch goals and get that hardcover edition covered!

Today’s guest comic is a remix of sorts from my friend James Ballard, who is a regular Conspiracy Friends commenter, and who, like Monday’s guest Daniel, ALSO SPORTS A PRETTY GREAT STACHE. I have to say that I love the idea that Tim is still holding club meetings regularly (You know that banner was thing he bought for his new apartment in Wichita). Also! The Berenstain Bears parallel universe thing has TOTALLY been on my list of stuff to get into the comic for like two years now! DONE AND DONE. Anyway, James blogs at Alternia Comics, so if you want to read a massive, unedited version of his Nanowrimo epic from last year, JUST KNOW THAT YOU CAN

Patreon is live! Kickstarter is live! EVERYTHING IS COMING UP REDACTED

Conspiracy Friends Guest Week 3 continues with this treat from Mark Monlux at The Comic Critic. Mark does cartoon reviews of movies, and INSTINCTIVELY UNDERSTANDS that cryptic, absurdly obscure references are THE VERY HEART OF CONSPIRACY FRIENDS. I would include a video in a comment under the strip explaining who or what “Trumpy” is, but I am approximately one hundred percent sure that Mark will take care of those honors himself. Thanks Mark!

IN OTHER IMPORTANT NEWS: My Patreon page is live! If you’re the type of person who likes to support your favorite comics, and one of your favorite comics is THIS ONE, your time is now!

ALSO: Book three Kickstarter is go! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

It’s guest week at Conspiracy Friends!

It’s guest week again at Conspiracy Friends, and today’s comic is from Daniel Scully from The Mealstorm! Daniel is a cartoonist I mt at a comic convention in Spokane who has a truly magnificent mustache. You can (and should!) check out his stuff here.

Lots of big news this week! First off, Conspiracy Friends will be moving to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule staring next Monday. I’ve been doing 5 updates a week for almost three years now, and as much as I’d love to maintain that frequency, I need to focus a little more on stuff that generates revenue. (Babies: expensive! Who knew?)

On that note, I’ll be launching a Patreon page so people who are so inclined can support Conspiracy Friends and my other endeavors. (And yes, switching back to daily updates is one of the milestones, but it’s probably going to take a while to get there, so don’t start counting those chickens quite yet).

Also, now that Book Three is in the can, we’ll be launching the Kickstarter for the print edition too! We’ll be doing the exclusive hardcover again if we’re fortunate enough to hit the stretch goal, and have some other neat stuff planned as well (including a poster that I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT YOU GUYS). That should be up in the next couple of days too!

Read this comic on your phone!

comcha-169x300Comic Chameleon, the really slick, free app that lets you read this comic (and a ton of others) on your phone or tablet, is now available for Android. They were iOS-only for quite a while, but thanks to a successful kickstarter earlier this year, they’re finally up in the google play store as well.

The app lets you read panel-by-panel on your phone and alerts you when your bookmarked comics are updated (useful for those that are posted a little more sporadically than CF). And ad revenue goes to support the creators (an ad-free upgrade option is on the way as well). It’s rad! You should put it on your phone right now!