• maarvarq

    If they could draw energy from sick burns, she could power the whole operation.

  • kormantic

    It takes a lot of energy to lift one’s head up while wearing a tinfoil hat. Those things are heavier than they look.

  • Michael Golden

    So many esses in possesses.

    • Exasperation

      Possesses possesses excesses of esses.

      • reredacted

        I know, right? I looked it up because I couldn’t believe there were really five in that sonovabitch.

        • Exasperation

          Senselessness has it beat, though. 6 Ss and 4 Es.

          • reredacted

            Senselessness indeed.

          • http://littlebeast.awardspace.com littlebeast

            Why not go one further to senselessnesses?